This page will show you examples of Generation 1 Ocicat x Abyssinian  & Generation 2 ticked Ocicats.


Occasionally we cross an Abyssinian with an Ocicat to produce a Gen 1 Ocicat, this is an acceptable cross with the NZCF.  The kittens are registered as Generation 1 Ocicats.


                   (Above -   lilac ticked Aby x Oci)                         (Above - tawny ticked Aby x Oci kitten)  

(Above - Tawny ticked young adult Gen 1 Aby x Oci)

(Above - Cinnamon ticked young adult Gen 1 Aby x Oci)


(Above - fawn ticked Aby x Oci)                             (Above - chocolate ticked Aby x Oci)

Gen 1 Abyssinian x Ocicats and Gen 2 ticked Ocicats have a ticked coat much like the Abyssinian but with stripes on their legs and tails and the wonderful personality of the Ocicat and Abyssinian "the best of both worlds".

*You may be thinking what is a Gen 2 Ocicat?  A generation 2 ocicat is the result of mating a Gen 2, 3 or full Ocicat to an Abyssinian/ocicat (Gen 1 Ocicat).  The reason for doing this is to introduce new healthy aby bloodlines into the ocicats.  In a gen 2 litter you get both spotted and ticked kittens & classic pattern if both parents carry the gene.  They are very beautiful kittens and usually grow to be big cats.  They are also popular with people who love the Abyssinian breed :-)

(In the photo shown above there is a blue ticked male & lilac ticked female, Abyssinian x Ocicat Gen 1 kittens).


(Photos above - left is a Gen 2 Black Silver ticked Ocicat kitten & on the right is the same kitten as an adult)


(Photo above - Gen 2 Chocolate Silver ticked Ocicat at 7mths old)


(above) Cinnamon ticked Gen 2 Ocicat at 4 months old & the same boy as a young adult.

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