Abyrose Shekarnah



DOB: 6 December 1999

Dam: Ch Abyrose Angelica

Sire: Ch Jardee Minks Links (Imp Aus)


Shekarnah is the granddaughter of Abyrose Sanjarna.  She has taken after grandma with her beautiful pink undercoat.  Shekarnah has long legs and dainty  ballerina feet to match her elegant body and head.  She has excellent ear size and placement and often gets nicknamed "Bat ears". 

Shekarnah has a sweet nature and loves giving her mummy's face "lick licks" every morning in bed.  She knows she is beautiful and is not afraid to show visitors who she thinks is best (see expression in photo below).

Shekarnah had her first litter to Ch Abyrose Rubin in Feb 2001 & 2nd litter to Rubin in Sept 2001,  then she had another litter with Rubin in 2002 and a litter with Johari Jamaica Rum and then yet another with Rubin during 2003.  She has proven each time that she is a very capable Mum.  We have been happy with all her kittens but the combination between her and Rubin has consistently produced extremely well coloured kittens with good type and the most wonderful laid back natures.  As my oldest queen Shekarnah will be retiring at the end of 2004.

Shekarnah is a VERY special girl and is my "house cat".  She misses her grandma (Sanjarna) and knows it is her duty to take care of me now.  She is loyal, loving and so so beautiful.



Photo taken on the 18th November 2000, at 11 and a half months.



Shekarnah showing off her big "bat" ears at 8 weeks old.


SIRE: Ch Jardee Minks Links (Imp Aust)

DAM: Ch Abyrose Angelica

DOB: 6.12.99

Shekarnah has amazing green eye colour & big well set ears. She is a very elegant girl with very good type.

Shekarnah was spayed on the 6th January and will be staying with us.

photo taken 2.9.01   See Shekarnah's page with more photos.


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